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 Green - Indicates the contest is open for new photos
Red - Indicates the contest is closed

You may submit a photo to any current page. Note if the contest has been closed we will still post your photo, but you would not be able to win any prizes. To see the guidelines for any contest see also look for additional specific guidelines on the particular photo page. To have your photo posted you MUST SPECIFY WHICH PAGE or CONTEST YOU WANT YOUR PHOTO POSTED TO. See the above link for other REQUIRED posting details. Note: On certain pages like the butterflies, cats and clown pages we have plenty of entries. On those particular pages, we are only accepting photos that offer techniques or styles that offer variety to that of those posted. Questions may be directed to [email protected]  Once any photo is posted to any photo page it will not be removed without a fee. Please make sure you submit all of the correct information when you submit your photo. To later remove your photo or make any changes in name, e-mail or the like requires a $5 administrative fee to pay the editing costs. This is a free service to post photos and we simply can not continue to make changes of any kind with out an administrative fee. By submitting photos you are agreeing to these terms.

NOTE: If you are looking for a specific face to help you and you don't want to have to look through 100 different photo pages (or literally thousands of photos) we would suggest you first look by division, then by title. If you then do not find it, we would suggest you look in the Halloween and Free-for-all contests. In these two annual contests we receive the largest variety as well as largest quantity of submissions. There are very few restrictions in these contests so there is a very wide variety of photos in those contests. Also most of these offer a tab at the bottom to go to the next page in line. This will speed your search.

Division or theme Best
Title Year open contest closed
Animals    Birds 2001    
Animals    Birds 1999    
Animals   Bugs & Spiders 1999    
Animals X Butterflies 1999    
Animals X Butterflies 2000    
Animals   Bunny Rabbits 1999    
Animals X Cats 1999    
Animals   Dinosaurs   2001    
Animals X Dogs 1999    
Animals   Dolphins, Sharks and other Sea Creatures 2002    
Animals   Farm Animals 2000    
Animals   Dragons 2000    
Animals   Frogs, Snakes, misc. 2000    
Animals   Things that Swim 2000    
Animals X Zoo Contest revisited 2002    
Animals   Zoo Animals 2000    
Animals   Zoo Animals - Side view 2002    
Animals   Zoo Animals - Monkeys and Apes 2002    
Animals   Snakes! 2001    
Body   Painting on the Feet 2000    
Body   Painting the Hair 2001    
Body   Painting on the Hand 2000    
Body X Body Painting 1999    
Cheek art   Cheek Art 2001    
Cheek art   Cheek Art 1999    
Cheek art   Christmas Cheek Art 2000    
Cheek art   Computer Cheek Art 1999    
Colors   Black 2001    
Colors   Orange, Red, Yellow 2000    
Colors   Pink 2001    
Holiday   Christmas 2002 2002    
Holiday   Jubilee / 4th of July & Patriotic Ideas 2002    
Holiday   4th of July 2000    
Holiday   Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day   2003    
Holiday   Halloween 2002 - page 1 2002    
Holiday   Halloween 2002 - page 2 2002    
Holiday   Halloween 2002 - page 3 2002    
Holiday   Halloween 2001 - page 1 2001    
Holiday   Halloween 2001 - page 2 2001    
Holiday   Halloween 2001 - page 3 2001    
Holiday   Halloween 2001 - page 4 2001    
Holiday   Halloween 2001 - page 5 2001    
Holiday X Halloween 2001 - finals 2001    
Holiday X Halloween 2000 2000    
Holiday X Halloween 1999 1999    
Holiday   Easter 2002    
Learn X Step-by-step 2002 2002    
Learn X Step-by-step Favorites 2000    
Learn   Step-by-step Rose 2000    
Learn X Step-by-step 2000    
Open X British Face Painting Convention - October 2002 2002    
Open X Face Painting International Convention - 2002 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 1  2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 2  2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 3 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 4 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 5 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 6 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 7 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 8 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2002 - page 9 2002    
Open X Summer free-for-all 2002 - FINALS 2002    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2001 - page 1 2001    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2001 - page 2 2001    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2001 - page 3   2001    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2001 - page 4 2001    
Open   Summer free-for-all 2001 - page 5 2001    
Open X Summer free-for-all 2001 - finals 2001    
People   Working with various Skin Tones 2002    
People   Working with various Face Shapes and Obstacles   2002    
People X Beards & Mustaches   2001    
People   Aging using make-up 2002    
People   Mime & Joker 2002    
People   The King & Queen 2002    
People X Boy's Favorites 1999    
People X More Boy's Favorites 2001    
People   Cowboys & Indians 2001    
People   Chinese & Japanese Masks 2001    
People   Clowns 1999    
People   Ethnic & Tribal faces 2000    
People X Eye Masks 2001    
People X Girl's Favorites 1999    
People X Hero's and Villains 2000    
People   Mardi Gras 2000    
People   People Painting 2000    
People X Self Portraits   2001    
Sports   World Cup Football   2002    
Sports   Sports 2001    
Sports   Sports 2000    
Themes   Signs of the Zodiac      
Themes   Tribal Designs      
Themes   Japanese & Chinese Characters      
Themes   Painting on Teenagers 2002    
Themes   Painting on Adults  2002    
Themes   The One Minute Wonder 2002    
Themes   Half Faces 2002    
Themes   Accents to the Face 2002    
Themes   Summer Time 2002    
Themes   Wiggly Eyes 2002    
Themes   Face Painting by Youth 2000    
Themes X The Wizard of Oz 2002    
Themes   Mosaics 2002    
Themes   Painting by 13 to 17 year olds 2000    
Themes   The 30 Second Wonder 2000    
Themes   Its a Birthday Party 2001    
Themes   Fantastic or Elite Painting 2000    
Themes   Flags 2000    
Themes X Flowers 2000    
Themes   Food 2001    
Themes   Gems & Jewels 2001    
Themes   Monsters Inc. & Cartoons 2002    
Themes   Music 2001    
Themes   Planes, Trains & Automobiles 2001    
Themes   Unicorns, Rainbows and Balloons 2000    
Themes   Scenes 2000    
Themes   Space 2000    
Themes X Cuts, Scars and Special F/X 2001    
Themes   Spring 2001    
Themes X Tattoos 2000    
Themes   Under the Water 2001    
Themes   Winter 2000    


  Face Painting Attire 2000    


  Face Painting Booths 2000    


  Face Painting Set-ups 2000    



Face Painting Signs

Beginner   Youth face painting - under 18 2002-2003 2003    
Beginner   Youth painting under 18 2001    
Beginner   Hands & Feet - Youth Contest 2000    

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